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Douglas is the third of five boys from a small town outside of Philadelphia, PA. He developed himself as a filmmaker, learning under acclaimed Christian Filmmakers Wes and Amanda Lewellyn after moving to Los Angeles in 2005. He is the founder of Faithworks Pictures, a production company with the primary goal to glorify God.

Faithworks Pictures introduced it's debut feature film, "40: The Temptation of Christ", in early 2019. The film was acquired by Gravitas Ventures, a Hollywood Distributor and subsidiary of Red Arrow Studios. You can look for Douglas and his film when it premieres theatrically next year during Easter 2020. In addition to filmmaking, Douglas is a devoted Father, Partner and volunteer in his Church community. He joined Margaret and Benjamin to lead the creative staff that will bring this inspired story to the silver screen.






Ben was reared in North Louisiana.  The family had a small cattle ranch where Ben learned to cowboy.  He rode his first bull at 14.  He rodeoed for 4 years in high school and one year in college and played football at LSU.  He got an engineering degree and a master’s in theology.  He married his high school sweetheart to whom he has been married 42 years.  They have 3 children and 9 grandchildren, including a son who is a 14 year veteran of the military.  He has worked as an energy explorationist/executive for 42 years and is a lay preacher, through which he has honed his story-telling skill.  Ben is a hopeless romantic and optimist.  He claims to have read the Book Of Life and skipped to the end and found out God wins in the end.

Benjamin was inspired to bring this story to motion picture to quicken a hunger for God in the hearts of the viewers and to inspire them to live a more virtuous life and to contribute to the healing of those who have experienced traumatic loss.

Margaret (Meg) Jones is a southern artist through and through. Born in North Louisiana, she began painting in a makeshift studio in her childhood backyard. She founded The Rosedoor Studio in 2001, a working artist’s studio that serves as a creative haven for other artists, writers, musicians and actors. She is passionate about prayer and intercession and is involved in Women’s ministries and activities that surround the training of happy and healthy children, both physically and spiritually. Her husband, children and grandchildren are always the main focus of her life and are her greatest joy.


She seeks to live her life as a daily creative feast. Developing business ideas, creative expansion in art, design and writing as well as helping to build a common ground of safe places where individuals and their gifts and talents can grow and flourish. Her daily routine often includes involvement in social media, with a view to bring truth and beauty to the digital world, with personal commentary and insights from a Christian worldview. More information can be found at